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Joshua Simons | P.O. Box 636 | Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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Christian G.

About Solat's Digest of Dread

"The perfect blend of terrifying and fun and deadly and whimsical. I would love MORE of this. Gives just enough freedom for GMs to fill with their own creativity."


On Joshua's Streaming

“Josh is a consummate professional in terms of his abilities and one of the kindest and most pleasant people with whom to share a table. He approaches every game with a positive attitude and a fresh perspective that encourages great role play opportunities. His characters are always rich and unique, with layers and captivating personalities. He’s incredible at the give and take of playing games on camera and I immediately agree to projects when I find out he is involved.”

Joshua's Mom

"I don't get this whole D&D thing, but it sounds cool."
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