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Joshua M. Simons (he/him)

is a professional streamer, freelance writer, mental health advocate, and a performer in the tabletop game industry. Currently, he is the Community and Support Manager for Demiplane, where he produces and performs on streams and helps make tools that make it easier to play tabletop games.


He is known for his work with non-profits like Jasper’s Game Day, his annual charity stream event ‘Josh Con’, and as a Take This Ambassador. He was the lead designer on Mage Hand Press’s ‘Dragon Flu Pandemic,’ an adventure that raised money for food shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and has self-published several additional titles on the DM’s Guild, DriveThruRPG, and


He uses his platform to encourage others and share resources for new creators with his usual enthusiasm and sense of humor. He has been featured in articles on Forbes and Polygon, and has appeared on shows with FearHQ (the official AMC+ Network Twitch channel), D&D, Kobold Press, and more! His recent appearances include Pax East, PAX Unplugged, MomoCon, OrcaCon, Gamehole Con (and more!), where he has performed in live games and hosted panels about tabletop gaming, content creation, and community management.


His goal is to one day give a Ted Talk about tabletop games and personal development and also possibly to meet Mark Hamill.


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